The Teaching Beyond September 11th Project is a multimodal curriculum for high school and college educators and students about the ongoing global impact of 9/11, focusing on the years 2001-2021. 

Created by a team of educators from the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with inter/national scholars, practitioners, and community activist leaders, our goal is to help students move beyond the headlines to deepen their understandings of the post-9/11 global context and consider the implications on a number of communities worldwide.

The modules are being gradually released, starting in September 2021 and into 2022. Sign up to gain access to modules and to be notified upcoming webinars and related events.

NOTE: You should received a link to the curriculum via email after you submit this form. Because it's an automated response, it may go to a different folder (e.g. junk/spam/clutter/promotions). 

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This project is generously funded by the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Engagement Office with support from Penn’s Graduate School of Education and the Penn Libraries. Additional support comes from Penn’s two Title VI centers: The Middle East Center and the South Asia Center. 
Image credit:Nada Hafid 
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